For our prestigious client, we are looking for a Teradata Performance Analyst.

Task description:

  • Intervention in case of complex & process blocking incidents, optimization at script level, add data quality checks to prevent these errors in the future; identify and solve similar steps in other processes
  • Active monitoring of TD Prod resources usage; Server workload management – in case of large number of concurrent sessions
  • Performance issues support and execution plan analysis (in case of high CPU skew, spool issues, wrong estimations by optimizer, TUs limitations and constraints)
  • Statistics definition and collection monitoring to ensure all stats are correctly defined on core tables and collected in a proper way (and in due time)
  • Table partitions definition and understand how to improve the storage using different options on Teradata
  • Extreme profile allocation and monitor processes with this kind of profiles; debate and analyze if an Extreme power TU must be used
  • Query optimization and analysis – for older (and badly written) queries and process improvement
  • Check of top700 queries and optimize all that is possible

English speaking project, 100% work from home.

Please send your CV now for immediate consideration.



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