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The best data contractors are not just coders, they are great collaborators, effective communicators and they can see the bigger picture. With our combined recruitment experience and the use of our technical assessments you can ensure you are hiring the right person to excel in your environment.

Expertly designed assessments customised for your hiring process

The team at Orcan will translate any role requirements into an assessment designed to test the skills required within the job specifications.

Advanced technical assessments are an excellent addition to the interview process.

We have meticulously built effective Automated Workflows which are part of the efficient assessment process. This allows candidates and community members to show the relevancy of their skills through a variety of test formats including unit testing to validate submitted code.

Save Valuable Time

Focus your time on the best talent first and operate a consistent and objective approach.

Fast Screening

All coding challenges can be selected to accurately measure job-relevant skills and provide a comprehensive assessment.

Interview With Confidence

Don’t rely on resumes, algorithmic puzzles, and guesswork - use our data analytics assessments to test on-the-job skills.

Test driven challenges with real world relevance

With the ability to either customise real world examples that relate to your business or select standardised tests and benchmark against the market you can ensure the hiring process is efficient. These project based coding assessments provide evidence that data analysts have the skills required to be successful on the job. We can enhance the interview process with code playback and result analytics.

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Example Python Custom Array Filters Challenge