Toyota’s research institute announced an $800 million fund to invest in startups working on autonomous vehicles, AI, automation, machine learning, data, and analytics.

Moving forward, Toyota will provide a diverse range of mobility services and transportation solutions to people around the world as we transform Toyota into a mobility company … bringing the joy and freedom of movement to all.
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  • These include better driverless cars, robotics that can support people with mobility limitations, and general “mobility for all” initiatives.
  • Earlier this year, Toyota announced its holding company Woven, focused on advanced projects, and Woven City, a prototype “city of the future.”
  • Last year, Toyota said it would roll out advanced self-driving features in commercial vehicles before personal vehicles.

A key component of Toyota’s marketing strategy is a broad focus on assisting human movement which includes backing new technologies that push advances in autonomous and automated driving, connectivity, and robots that work closely with people and “support the movement of people.” Globally, for its fiscal year that ended March 31 — near the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic — the automaker said it sold 8.96 million vehicles, off 0.2 percent from the previous year. With Covid-19 impacting sales throughout much of 2020, the company predicted it would sell 7 million vehicles this fiscal year.

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