Create and manage a data team responsible for the tagging of content (text; video etc) needed in machine learning algorithm development. You’ll ensure your team achieves high quality and efficient content tagging / annotation. You’ll collect tagging requirements from other data teams and plan delivery workflows.

 Key Tasks:

  • Create content tagging workflow involving design and management of
    • Content coding plans
    • Annotation of content workflow (including which tools will be used)
    • Strategy to implement Data Engineering and ETL pipelines strategy needed to carry out content coding / annotation
  • Carry out team hiring process
  • Help other data teams understand best coding options, the data sources, and defined tasks
  • Manage & Prioritise coding tasks

Desired Experience:

  • Content Coding Team leadership in the areas of:
    • Manual content coding
    • ML Algorithms
    • Quant coding
  • I.T. or Data background esp in the area of ML and content editing
  • Agile & Scrum
  • Strong persuasive communicator
  • Analytical
  • Fluent German speaker


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