Are you struggling to code working from home?

Google's engineers are struggling to code while working from home, according to a new report from The Information.

The publication said it looked at an internal survey that revealed 31% of the tech giant’s engineers felt they’d been highly productive from March through the end of June. That’s an 8% drop from a record high in the previous quarter. Newer engineers were more affected by this trend.

The news comes as reports reveal Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is tired of working from home, while Stanford economics professor Nicholas Bloom adds he believes remote work is, for many, a “productivity disaster” that he fears will hurt innovation.

However, these statements contradict a recent report unveiled during the September DevOpsWorld 2020 conference examining the impact of Covid-19 on software development, where many reported an increase in productivity. 

CloudBees released The Future of Remote Work and Software Development at  DevOps World 2020 conference. The report dives into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on software delivery and the role of remote work, highlighting the new developer and team trends we are starting to see. Some of the highlights from the 14-page report:


  • 59% of respondents are finding software teams are becoming somewhat or significantly more productive.
  • 42% find it easier to complete work tasks in a timely manner.
  • 61% found it was easier to work across time zones.  
  • 27.58% of respondents indicated that teams were slowed down significantly or somewhat and 33.83% said things moved along significantly or somewhat faster.

COVID-19’s impact on organizations’ ability to create software:

New software priorities:

  • 51.75% of respondents say they increased their focus on DevOps initiatives and 52.25% increased their progress on migration to cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform).
  • There has been a growth in companies’ DevOps and Agile adoption, with 46.24% of respondents stating they are using cross-functional teams, 55.64% practicing daily stand-up meetings, and 43.23% automating tasks.

Changes in software delivery speed:

  • 1/3 of organizations (33.83%) are seeing speed increases in software delivery since implementing COVID-19 work-remote policies.
  • 1/3 of organizations (27.58%) are seeing some decreases in speed, but most respondents (38.6%) are not seeing any change in speed.

Workforce shifts:

  • 64.4% anticipate they will work remotely three or more days per week, or permanently, once restrictions are lifted. 12.7% said they anticipate returning on-site to an office location full-time.
  • 37.18% of respondents noted that it was easier to leverage “gig” or flexible part-time staffers to accomplish goals.

Demographic of respondents:

  • 45.2% of respondents self-identified as managers 452 or leadership (up to Director/Sr. Director)
  • 49% of respondents came from small organisations 490 (<1,000 employees)
  • 35% of respondents represent large organisations 350 (>5,000 employees)
  • 44.5% of respondents self-identified 445 as individual contributors

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