AI and the future of business transformation in financial services

According to stats, nearly 73% of the everyday trading is executed by machines. Leading financial enterprises are investing in algorithmic trading because the level and volume of trade carried out by these machines is out of human bounds to process and execute

As artificial intelligence is becoming core to traditional financial services organizations no surprise: banks, investment management or leading financial advisory enterprises are in the accelerated path of researching solutions, to transform their entire businesses and innovate fast enough to provide smart, user-centric digital services that allow them to retain customers, build intelligent digital engagement and provide new revenue streams.

In order to understand some of the most actual financial market challenges & critical undertakings from the inside and both from the business & emerging technology viewpoints I decided to take a closer look into the finance community and to participate in the following events recently:

‘Artificial intelligence and the future of Financial Services’ organized by The Economist and ‘AI and Data Science in Trading’ organized by AIDST Digital Week, to interact with executives, decision makers and thought leaders from across the finance industry. Some of my random thoughts based on the events output you will find outlined below.

The need for external and more timely data has never been greater in the investment workflow. Last week I had an opportunity to participate in an AI & Data Science in Trading virtual event that brought together experts in the use of AI and advanced data analytic techniques within asset management, primarily for finding alpha, managing risk and optimizing portfolios.

When it comes to utilizing AI to optimize investment workflow I found ‘Alternative Data’ digital debate as well as ‘The reality of implementing AI within financial markets’ very insightful.

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