After 15 Long Years, a NumPy Paper Finally Appears!

The rapid evolution of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are paralleled in Python’s flourishing throughout the scientific community over the past fifteen years — which seems an eternity in scientific computation. Simply put, NumPy has stood the test of time

Since NumPy was introduced to the world 15 years ago, the primary array programming library has grown into the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python. NumPy serves as an efficient multi-dimensional container of generic data and plays a leading role in scientific computing. It is an essential component in research analysis pipelines across fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, astronomy, geoscience, biology, psychology, materials science, engineering, finance and economics. NumPy is open-sourced and has myriad contributors.

But one thing has always been missing. A thorough review paper that is fully representative of the team behind Numpy’s genesis has never been published.

The missing chapter in the NumPy story was written yesterday — with the appearance of the paper Array Programming with NumPy in leading scientific journal Nature.

Here is a quick read: After 15 Long Years, a NumPy Paper Finally Appears!

The paper Array Programming with NumPy is on Nature.

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